Dear Esteemed Partners,

The bowling tournament which was first held in 2012 for the purpose of bringing our esteemed passenger agencies together, ensuring that they build relationships out of workplace and using the enjoyable competition of sports as a communication tool, is taking place in its eighth year with the name TURKISH AIRLINES BOWLING 2020 in 68 countries 137 destinations. Besides our domestic passenger agencies, agencies from all around the world will participate in this tournament and it is expected that approximately 1000 passenger agencies and 3000 players will enjoy this tournament.

Turkish Airlines Bowling 2020 tournament; which is being adapted within the framework of professional league rules; take place between the dates February 15th and May 15th and the final game as well as the award ceremony will take place on June in Istanbul. Registration for the tournament could be done until 3 days before your tournament.

The Champion of the Tournament will win a flight ticket and a vacation in Antalya whereas the other agencies in the rank will also be awarded other nice surprises in the grand final held in Istanbul.

We would like to thank once again for your participation in Turkish Airlines Bowling Tournament 2020. We hope you will have a day to remember.

Best Regards,