About TA Bowling

Dear Esteemed Partners,

We would like to express our appreciation that you all have a great part on the success of our brand.

In regards to this, Turkish Airlines Bowling Tournament, which has been formed within the frame of building bridges between our precious business partners all over the World, was first started in 2012 and we all had good times in those tournaments. We feel ready for relaying our declaration for commencement of our tournament.

We would like to thank you for your interest and state that we will be very glad to meet with all of you again in TURKISH AIRLINES BOWLING Tournament 2024.

Timetable Prediction

The games is scheduled to be played from February 15 to April 15

The final game & prize ceremony will be held in İstanbul on 26-28 April

You can participate the tournament which is planned to take place in your region after making registration by visiting the website www.turkishairlinesbowling.com and filling the form at least 3 days before the destination tournament.

And also you can track the rules, the general schedule, your scores and the results from this website as well.

We hope your experiences to be unforgettable.